Company Overview

A pioneer in comprehensive IT outsourcing since 1994, iCorps Technologies is a full-service IT consulting and outsourcing firm for businesses in and around Boston, New York City, and Philadelphia.

Our clients represent a cross-section of all industries and rely on iCorps for many different IT services. Their requirements, though, are the same: technology must support their business and operate reliably.

iCorps is dedicated to delivering superior, enduring solutions that are the best match between business and infrastructure – implemented by the best certified consultants in the industry.

Whatever your need, iCorps provides it with a broad selection of onsite and remote IT services and competencies that are available as pre-packaged programs or à la carte, and all under one roof.

Comprehensive IT services. Broad expertise. Dependable customer service. iCorps expands your IT capabilities and resources dramatically and ensures that technology works for you.

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Case Studies

Clients from many industries, IT services of all varieties.

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